Hello!  Welcome to my blog.  My name is Jay.  I’m a sarcastic Kung Po chicken enthusiast, Optometrist, owner of a disabled dog and dairy-intolerant with a tragic and grievous addiction to Giant Chocolate Buttons.

As anyone who works in healthcare with the general public will be able to tell you, there are many funny moments which go into making up the working day, and some months ago I began to amuse myself by sharing some of the ridiculous, charming, or downright hilarious exchanges my patients on facebook (anonymously of course!).

Following enticement into the brave new world of blogs by friends, I plan to share them (and various other random ramblings that may occur to me) with you, and give you an insight into life as an Optometrist, and a brief and terrifying glimpse at the contents of my head.  Rock and sob into a pillow at will!

Hope you enjoy!

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