Review: The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Power

I have a confession: I actually wanted to read ABCs of Yoga for Kids for myself!  I have always fancied trying yoga, but had fought shy of it on account of chronic knee problems in the past.  I thought this book would be simply explained for those who’ve not experienced yoga before, quite fun, and fairly gentle on my poor joints.  I was right on all counts!


This book is delightful.  There are 56 different poses in total, at least one for each letter of the alphabet, and the description of each is in a rhyming poetry form which is really quite charming for children.  Additionally there is a lovely pastel coloured illustration to accompany nearly every pose which made it extremely easy to understand and perform each one.  I worked my way through the entire book, which took a little while, so parents would want to break this down into smaller sessions, which would also have the advantage of giving more variety and interest.  I found the process quite calming, and felt it would be excellent for slightly over-excited children, for increasing a child’s awareness of their own body, and particularly for sporty children or young dancers.

ABCs2Illustration of the Butterfly Pose

If I had one criticism it would be that the formatting could have been improved slightly as the illustration of a pose was frequently not on the same page as the description, necessitating some flicking back and forth.  This may be better in a hard copy rather than an eBook read on an ipad however.  I did also wish that a little more advice/detail were given on how to control one’s breathing during a pose, as it does mention that this should be done, but does not give anymore detail than that.  A delightful introduction to yoga, and perhaps a nice teaching aid in the classroom.

Disclaimer: I was provided with an eARC of the ABCs of Yoga for Kids by NetGalley, but all opinions given are, as always, entirely my own.
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