Review: Pidy Ready-to-Fill Canapés

Pidy is very well known in the foodservice and catering industry as they have been creating a wide variety of ready to fill puff pastry, short crust, fonçage dough and choux pastry for over sixty three years.  All the Pidy products are made with their award winning pastry recipe that the Pidy family initially created in their little patisserie shop in Belgium.  Now they want to launch their innovative pastry ranges to the home cook.  I was sent 3 products from the range to try, and as it’s party season I took them to a friend’s festive drinks and nibbles gathering.

Pidy Spoonettes

I was the most excited about trying the spoonettes as it’s such an innovative slant on a canapé, and I could imagine them looking quite impressive at a buffet.  They’re suitable for sweet or savoury fillings and I opted for a chocolate and caramel spread.  To be honest I was a trifle disappointed with the spoons – the pastry is a lot thicker and crunchier than I expected and whilst the filling went down a treat, many guests left the spoon uneaten on the edge of their plate, the children not realising they were intended to be eaten, and some adults finding them too hard to be enjoyable.

Pidy Spoonettes

Pidy Vol-au-vents

 When the vol-au-vents arrived I was quite surprised to note that there were only 4 in a box: if making canapés for a party you’d need to buy several boxes.  When I opened the box I discovered the reason: the vol-au-vents are enormous!!  The sheer size of them, and the fact that the pastry is extremely crumbly means they’re not really suitable as canapés – you definitely couldn’t eat them with your fingers and maintain your dignity at a crowded party!  I think that perhaps if warmed and served with a small side salad, they would make a lovely starter at a sit-down dinner.

Pidy Vol-au-vents

Pidy Veggie Cups

The veggie cups are made with 30% real vegetable juice extract and no E numbers or artificial colours and come in four flavours: beetroot, carrot, spinach and celeriac. They are also made with a lighter dough which contains 50% less fat than standard pastry.  Whilst I didn’t try this, they can apparently be frozen after filling and will still keep their crispness even after thawing, which makes them incredibly versatile.

This was my favourite of the three products.  I tested the beetroot cups, and filled them with different flavours of hummus.  The pastry was again extremely crispy, but was thinner than the spoons and complimented the soft filling perfectly.  The beetroot gave the cups a slight sweet taste which was delicious, and got a seal of approval from all the guests.  The size is perfect for canapés and ideal to offer vegetarians a slightly more exciting option, that will also appeal to meat-eaters.

Veggie cups

The Pidy range of products is quick and easy to use – it took me literally minutes to prepare all three products – and they are ideal to impress during the festive season.

Disclaimer:  I was sent free samples of Pidy products, but the opinions given are, as always, entirely my own.  Thanks to food PR agency CLIP Creative and PR for the samples.
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