Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale

Geek GirlI was loaned an ARC of Holly Smale’s debut novel, Geek Girl, by a friend and fell so in love with this book that I simply had to review it.  The novel opens with the dictionary definition of the word Geek, and, being a list-freak, I triumphantly and with much chuckling, ticked off all three attributes.  The entertainment by no means stopped there as I literally chuckled my way through the entire book.

Harriet Manners is a 15 year old geek.  She knows that because she looked it up in the Oxford Dictionary kept on her bedside table, with a ruler & pencil next to it for underlining interesting entries.  She’s bullied at school & is stalked by the only person in the world who is geekier than she is.  Suddenly she’s spotted by a scout at the clothes show, which she only attends under extreme duress to support her only friend, and given the opportunity to invent herself.  Can this ugly duckling turn into a swan?

I fell instantly in love with Harriet’s character.  All the characters in this book are brought to life in such glorious colour that I felt like I was standing alongside them throughout the story.  Harriet’s Dad has all the clumsy overenthusiasm of an exuberant dog, her stepmother emerges as a matter-of-fact semi-geek who became one of my favourite character during a scene in her office, whilst her agent Wilbur (that’s bur, not iam) is a riot of colour and personality.

Holly Smale’s style is a joy to read.  The chapters are short, punchy & written with humour, yet underneath all this is a serious moral & lesson that I think so many of us don’t truly learn until our adulthood.  Geek Girl is billed as a young adult book, but it’s perfect reading for anyone, especially if you have even the thinnest of geek streaks!  Trust me, read this book – it’s a triumph for geeks everywhere!

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