T is for Tallinn

Tallinn Old Town is the beautiful medieval centre of Tallinn City consisting of picturesque cobblestone streets, church spires, and market squares surrounded by an ancient town wall dating back to the fourteenth century.

The Holy Spirit Church is a radiant white church with an octagonal tower. The original building dates back to 1360 and despite not being the largest or grandest church in Tallinn, it is very dear to Estonians as it held the very first sermons in the Estonian language following the reformation. On the exterior wall of the Holy Spirit Church is the city’s oldest timepiece: a stunning blue and gold clock made by an Estonian woodcarver in the late 17th century. The four figures in the corners of the clock represent the four apostles.

The Fat Margaret canon tower was built from 1511 to 1530. The origins of its name remain a mystery. With walls up to 17 feet thick, the tower formed a formidable part of the city’s defences. During its lifetime it has served as a canon tower, a storehouse for gunpowder and weapons, a prison, and now houses the Estonian Maritime Museum.

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