D is for Dogmobile

If you’ve come across my blog before you may have seen my beautiful dog Max and heard me speak of the herniated disc in his spine last August.  When he showed no mobility in his back legs after two operations, I was given the task of deciding whether to bring him home from the specialist & manage a disabled dog, or to say goodbye.

When I visited him I was surprised to find he was still my over-excitable, happy little man & was scooting around happily on his bottom – at some speed I might add! – and hardly seemed aware anything had happened.  I decided that as long as he was still happy, I’d have to bring him home and at least try him with the wheelchair the intern had suggested.

I ordered a DogWalker from the Dog Mobile Company, a fantastic little company in the UK who make all their wheelchairs to measure especially for each pet.  I supplied Max’s measurements & duly received the wheelchair approx a week later.

A small leather harness is fastened around Max’s hind quarters (I call them pants!), and those pants are then clipped into a wheeled frame, and straps clipped round Max’s chest to keep the frame moving with him.  It was extremely easy to set up and it was very quick to put him in, even the very first time.

To my delight Max instantly loved it.  The second time I took him for a walk in it, I had to power walk to keep up!!  Max is quite happy scooting round at home, and is even regaining a little movement in his back legs, but his wheelchair allows him to get out for walks, and explore as he used to, not to mention getting chatted up by every pedestrian who sees him!  It’s given my little treasure an extra lease of life.


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6 Responses to D is for Dogmobile

  1. Val Sawdy says:

    Your continued devotion to him, and your willingness to continue with his nursing and his daily physio and hydro sessions, despite the financial cost, is truly outstanding.

  2. artanddesignofpaul says:

    lovely post for D and cute dog mobile too.
    do check out my D at GAC a-z

  3. Bless him, great that he can still explore and have adventures so doesn’t miss out on anything!

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