C is for Copenhagen

The statue of the Little Mermaid was commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen after he became fascinated by a ballet based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.  The statue has been vandalised many times over the years, including being decapitated twice!  On the first occasion the head was never recovered, and on the second the head was returned anonymously to a nearby television station.  Happily the original moulds still exist and new pieces can be cast whenever necessary.

The Little Mermaid lives up to her adjective and is much smaller than she appears from some images which show her to be at the mouth of the harbour.  I had been forewarned and ironically she was therefore larger than I’d expected.  It is a little difficult to get to her with the ground in front of her being uneven and sloping, and she is of course surrounded by tourists, but I found her to be very charming.

Royal Library Garden

Charming describes Copenhagen very well in fact.  After a brief coach ride round sightseeing we took a boat trip down the canal which I thoroughly recommend.  The buildings are beautifully ornamented, and viewing them from the water gives them an extra je ne sais quoi.

My favourite building is also one of the oldest in Copenhagen:  the Old Stock Exchange built in 1619-1640.  The beautiful spire is composed of 4 intertwined dragons’ tails.

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9 Responses to C is for Copenhagen

  1. The Rambling Pages says:

    I love the theme you are doing on this – traveling is a huge love of mine and the little background you give to places is great. Copenhagen is a place still to visit!

    • Jay says:

      Thank you! I do have some non-travel posts in the pipeline (including tomorrow’s in fact) but the majority are travel-based. I was lucky enough to go on a Baltic cruise last year for my Dad’s 70th.

  2. kirstyes says:

    Wow that spire is impressive. I’d not seen any pics of it before. Wonderful, wonderful Copengagan looks spot on. Glad you had fun.

    • Jay says:

      It’s stunning isn’t it? There were lots of beautifully ornamented spires, but this was my favourite. Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit.

  3. mimitabby says:

    thanks for the travel-logging, I am enjoying places I will probably never get to.

  4. mimitabby says:

    I always imagined Copenhagen as being all modern looking and boring…see?
    thanks again

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

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