Life Circle – Me Time

Now whose eyes wouldn’t light up at being set a challenge of setting aside some time for themselves?

Mine, I must admit, were caught halfway between lighting up and raising a sceptical eyebrow.  You see, since my dog suffered a herniated disc in his spine which left him partially paralysed, life has revolved largely around him.  I give him 2 sessions of physio & 1 of hydrotherapy every day, am working extra to pay off the horrendous vet’s bill that probably gave my poor postman a hernia when he delivered it, and 2 hours of each day off are invariably spent taking Max to some sort of veterinary appointment.  The concept of “me time” was…..intriguing.

My choice of activity for my me time does not, on the face of it, fit Kate‘s stipulation of being completely indulgent, as I chose to take advantage of the 2 remaining prepaid appointments I had outstanding with my own physioterrorist.  I haven’t done any of my own physio since Max’s surgery back in September of last year.  I now get up early to give him treatment before going to work, and by the time I’ve done a full day’s work, come home, done Max’s treatment and then fed the pair of us I really don’t feel like I have any energy left for much.  If I could manage physio of my own as well I would be worthy, I decided, of a Wonderwoman outfit.

It’s now 3 weeks on, and I’ve only gone and done it!!  Every night when I get home from work, I walk on my treadmill for 10 minutes (I’m now up to 14 minutes) and then do all the stretches my physio gave me, before starting on Max’s treatment.  I’m nearly halfway to one of my 2012 goals of being able to walk for 30 minutes, I’ve lost 5lbs (helping with my 2012 weight loss goal) and whilst I’m walking I read my Kindle thus making me feel like it’s relaxing me time (and helping my goal of reading 24 books in 2012).  In fact I’m hitting so many birds with this stone that it’s practically a game of pinball!

I had expected to find my physio a tedious chore, and there have been one or two occasions where I haven’t really been in the mood, but on the whole I have to say, I’m absolutely loving feeling like I’m actually getting to do something healthy for myself as well as Max.  And what’s more, since it is a healthy pursuit, my me time is gloriously guilt-free!  Hmm.  I wonder if there are any star-spangled hotpants on eBay?

Life Circle

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3 Responses to Life Circle – Me Time

  1. Hi Jay. I’m just dropping by as your A to Z co-host, to say hello. Nice to meet you!

  2. Well done you, very impressive. I’m grabbing some me-time catching up on blog reading 😉

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