February Sunshine

To brighten my February Michelle at Old Fashioned Mummy has tagged me in the “Sunshine Award”.

As someone who is perpetually freezing cold, I’d certainly like some sunshine:  Roll on summer!

Favourite colour:  Purple.  I do have quite a fondness for turquoise too.

Favourite animal:  It’s always been dogs, and all the more so since adopting a little treasure of my own, Max, who regularly brings sunshine into my life.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Lactofree Latte!  I practically lived on lattes until becoming dairy intolerant a few years ago.  Since discovering Lactofree I’m back on my favourite beverage.

Facebook or twitter:  Twitter I would say, but only because several of my fabulous school friends also use twitter and we have regular running group conversations using it.  If it weren’t for that I’d find twitter rather boring tbh.

Favourite Number: Errr, I don’t really have one.  I suppose if I have to chose a number I often chose 11 because I was born on the 11th.

Favourite day of the week:  Friday has been my favourite day of the week ever since childhood when it signified the start of the weekend, and remains so as it is generally my day off.  I work alternate Saturdays, so Friday isn’t always the start of my weekend, but at worst I get a second day off after only 1 day back at work, so it’s always great to survive til Friday!

My passion:  I would say my dog, friends and family, and travel.

Getting or giving presents:  Hmm, both can be fraught with perils!  I love giving presents if I’ve managed to think of something great that the recipient should love.  I also like to wrap the present beautifully to the point that I actually had to buy a stacker box to store all my rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons *blush*.  I’m not so keen if the recipient is tricky to buy for or inspiration is lacking.

Getting presents can be wonderful of course, and particularly touching when the present is personal and thoughtful, but for some reason receiving presents invariably makes me feel slightly embarrassed.  I have no idea why.

Favourite patterns:  Stars.  Pentagrams/pentacles in particular.  I’ve always doodled pentagrams for as long as I can remember, and always wear at least one jewellery pentacle. 

Favourite flowers:  If I had to pick just one I’d probably say star-shaped lillies, in bright colours rather than white, but I also love daffodils as they look like little rays of sunshine.

Michelle has already tagged our mutual blogging friends, so I’ll leave this one open to anyone who’d like to take part!

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