Life Circle – Actions reviewed

The new Life Cycle task is to report back on how I did with the tasks I set myself in the Taking Action task.

On the whole I’m fairly happy with my progress.  I’m still recording all my income & expenditure on my nifty iPhone app so that I can see quite where all my money disappears to, and that makes me pause for thought before going too spend crazy.

Following construction of my geeky list of the prices of regularly purchased groceries, I’ve been varying which store I shop at depending on what I need that week.  I was disappointed with how much I spent on groceries in January, but having perused the cupboards I can see plenty of non-perishables that I’d stocked up on whilst they were on special offer, so hopefully it will result in a better improvement over a longer period (that’s one of the reasons I decided to keep going with the expenditure app, ideally for the rest of the year as it’s really not too time consuming).

I phoned Santander to see if they would offer a better current account but was told that they only offer deals to new customers (at the time I had 5 different products with them, so I was mildly miffed) so I will be switching to Halifax who offer £100 for a switch and £5 per month.  The only reason I haven’t done so already is that I’m waiting for several transfers to clear first as I’m paranoid that they’ll bounce due to occurring mid-switch.

I also applied for a cashback credit card offering 5% cashback for the first 3 months, after which I shall cancel it.  I’ll be managing it very carefully to make sure I always know what the balance is, and that it’s paid off in full each month, but following 6 weeks’ apprenticeship with my iPhone app I’m confident that I can keep tabs on it with ease.

I have a 0% interest on balance transfers deal lined up for the remaining tax bill amount, so it will cost me far less and make me feel far less stressed as I pay it off.  Once my January wages have all come in, I should also be able to pay more off than expected before arranging the balance transfer.

Well, that was the good news, what about the bad?  I fell off the wagon with my losing weight goal, with the side effect that I spent a few days eating extremely unhealthily, and spent totally unnecessary money on unhealthy food to do so.  I felt extremely annoyed with myself, because that messed with 2 of my 2012 goals in one fell swoop.  The cause of the glitch was, ironically, my weekly weigh in, where I discovered that a wire had gotten caught under my scales and they weren’t resting on the floor properly, and I actually weighed 9lbs more than I’d thought.  It was highly dispiriting, not just due to being heavier, but because this occurred after 3 weeks of dieting and meant that all previous measurements were inaccurate, and I had no idea how much weight I might have lost during that time.  Still, back on to the wagon I go, with all cables firmly tucked away from the dreaded scales!

On the whole, I’m calling the task a win.

Life Circle

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4 Responses to Life Circle – Actions reviewed

  1. textwanderer says:

    I give you alot of credit for sticking to your goals, despite a few stumbles. It is inspiring. I tried to maintain a spending log last year but it never worked out for me very well. What is this new app that you are using?

    • Jay says:

      Thank you! It’s called iXpenseIt. It is a paying app, but there is a free lite version which I tried first (I think it stores 200 transactions) before buying the full version once I knew I liked it. I hope it works for you.

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