Life Circle – Life Plan

For this Life Circle task Kate has asked us to describe our ideal life in 5 years and in one year, thus helping pin point which areas need to change in order to get on track for “living the dream”

5 years

I like both my house and the location of it, so I’d be quite happy to still be living here, although hopefully with a new roof.  If I could afford to move I’d be sorely tempted to move back to my old neck of the woods, which would also put me in walking distance of coffee (or a few tipples) at several friends’ houses.

Financially I’d like to be living comfortably within my means, have some money set aside for emergencies, and be able to afford regular socialising.

Healthwise I would like to have been able to reduce the medication I take for my knee problem, be fitter and slimmer, and have increased the number of foods on my “safe list” (I have numerous food intolerances, but haven’t pinned down all the culprits yet).

1 year

I’d like to have paid off my tax bill in full, and have set aside sufficient funds for the next one.  I’d like to see my friends more regularly than at present.  My health goals are much the same – I’d like to have lost some weight, be able to walk for at least half an hour without suffering knee pain afterwards, and have reduced my knee medication.  I would like to have tried at least 12 new foods (I realise that doesn’t sound very many, but it’s a tedious process – each food takes around a week to test)

Having completed the task,  I feel like I’m on the right track for my annual goals and five year goals, bumps in the road notwithstanding.  I’ve been working hard on my finances but could definitely do with finding more willpower to help with my health goals.

Life Circle

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3 Responses to Life Circle – Life Plan

  1. hannah says:

    I can sympathise with your dietary issues. I eventually narrowed mine down to all wheat and gluten products and also all dairy products. I feel better for not having them in my diet now though so i hope you find a positive outcome. It sounds like you have some good plans in place. Goodluck Hannah

    • Jay says:

      Yikes, what an aggravating combination 😦 I thought I was doing badly with dairy, potatoes and peas tracked down so far. I hope you manage to reintroduce those in small quanitites at least in the future. Have you tried the lactofree range? I can manage those nicely, and they’re made from cow’s milk, but with the lactose removed – they still taste the same as the original. xx

  2. Kate says:

    I have a problem with hives and I’m fairly sure it’s diet related but it’s intermittent – so I’ve never been able to pin it right down.

    Hope you benefited from completing this task. Thanks for joining in as ever.

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