Life Circle – the Wheel of Life

I started Kate’s Life Circle after having seen my friend Michelle’s post, and thinking it was a great way of assessing aspects of your life individually, which I think gives you a clearer idea of which areas are most in need of work.  Each New Year I tend to write both a 5 year plan, and a list of goals for the year (I detest the “New Year’s Resolution” idea – I feel goals are something you work towards, whereas resolutions are a battle that inevitably gets lost some indeterminate period of time later), and Life Circle seems to compliment that perfectly.  I was initially planning to take part “off-blog” as it were, rather than publish my post, as I don’t generally publish private posts, but having finished my wheel I’ve nervously decided, what the heck!  It really is a very interesting exercise, so it’s worth joining in, even if you decide not to publish your results.

Fun & Recreation –  5

I don’t do anywhere near enough of this.  Since my dog became paralysed following a problem with his spine, I’ve been giving him physio 2x a day and hydrotherapy once a day.  Between getting up super early to take care of him before work and rushing home from work for the same reason, I’m generally pretty exhausted, and particularly by the end of the week end up just falling into bed & watching TV.  I started a 366 Photo Challenge on January 1st which I’m enjoying immensely, and I also set myself a goal of reading 24 books this year, which means I take my Kindle in to work to read during lunch hour which is both enjoyable and far more relaxing, and makes me feel like I get some me time in between caring for Max.  I either need better finances, or to fit in popping to friends for a coffee & this score would be much higher.

Career –  8

Due to mentoring 2 girls at work doing a distance learning course, I discovered quite how much I love my job.  I thoroughly enjoy both practices that I work at, and I feel that I’m competent at my job.  There is slight uncertainty at one of the practices I work due to a new boss buying the company, otherwise this score would be higher still.

Health –  7

Since Max’s health problems, my own have taken a back seat.  I’ve been too tired after doing his treatment to do my own physio at home and with paying all his vets bills I don’t have the money to buy myself more physio sessions.  I’ve given myself a higher score though, because I started a conscious health kick on Jan 1st and have so far lost 7.2lbs.  I’ve been eating more healthily, taking Max a short walk on days off and trying to use my treadmill most other days.

Personal Development –  8

I’ve set myself several goals for 2012, and have been doing very well at working towards them so far.  The 366 Photo and Reading Challenges are both going great, and whilst my finances are in a total state, I feel like I’m taking positive and sensible steps towards sorting them out.  If I fitted more time in for the Craft I’d be happier still.

Friends & Family – 4

I keep up with a circle of very close friends via social media, but don’t have anywhere near enough actual time with them in person.  I’d love to visit friends in Dundee & London, or have trips to the cinema etc, but that requires finances to be more in order first.  By the time I’ve been to work and given Max his treatment I’m often too tired to do much else, but I could definitely make an effort to at least see friends for a coffee & chat on days off or even just a phone chat to get this score higher

Environment –  6

I love my house and the location I live in.  There are plenty of things around the house & garden that could do with being sorted to make it even better, but aren’t there always?!  Hopefully I’ll be organised enough this summer to take care of the garden properly.

Finance –  5

Well, all Max’s treatment came to over £8000, and whilst he is insured, it didn’t cover the whole amount, and he also has ongoing hydrotherapy which will be an ongoing expense for quite some time, so my finances are completely up the spout to quite a stressful degree.  I’ve given myself a higher score than I otherwise would though due to the positive steps I’ve been taking to sort this out.  I’ve booked a lot of extra work to boost my income, and have a great app on my phone to keep track of and analyse all my expenses.  I’ve cut expense everywhere I can think of, so it’s just a question of waiting  (im)patiently until I’m back in the green.

Romance/Significant Other –  5

I’m currently single and don’t have the finances to go out dating, so this won’t change for the foreseeable future.  It’s also difficult to find the time to fit any socialising in except on days off, as I’m always rushing straight home from work to see to Max.  My lovely parents already see to Max every lunchtime, and I can’t prevail on them for any more of their time than that.  Whilst I’m quite content being single, a few dates would be nice, but it’s difficult to imagine anyone being particularly understanding about a dog that takes up that much of my time and money, and can’t help pooing on the floor :/

I was a little surprised at being able to give some aspects of my life fairly high scores!  The biggest dent in my wheel is in the friends and family section, so if I make an effort to fit in some chats over a coffee or on the phone I can make a big improvement.  Other areas of my wheel will improve a little as my finances improve, which I feel I’m working very hard on.  It’s just a question of waiting for more pay days to have passed.  It will be really interesting to do this again in a few months time.

Life Circle

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11 Responses to Life Circle – the Wheel of Life

  1. So, you’re working too hard, for not enough money, and without having enough time for fun and friends! Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic wand that would just make the Circle a perfect, er, circle? It’s so easy to say glibly, ‘work less hard, earn more and find more time for the other stuff’ but life ain’t that simple. At least now know what needs to be done and can strive to work towards our goals.

    • Jay says:

      Haha, yes, my kingdom for a magic wand (or a lottery win!)! I thought looking at each aspect individually was great, and really showed how the current financial situation is affecting practically all the other areas. Thankfully it’s largely down to the mahoosive vet’s bill, but the frugal practices I’m setting in motion now will hopefully carry on even after that’s cleared, and leave me more money for enjoying myself with.

  2. Great to seeing you joining with life circle! It is so much easier to focus on changes in small amounts and easier to see the positive bits too in an exercise like this. 🙂

  3. I love how you are so determinedly positive – not that you have any reason not to be. You seem to have a plan based on hard work and initiative. Good for you! (I’m in awe of your weight loss since new year btw).

    • Jay says:

      Thank you! I’m actually very happy with my lot in life, but am aware that it’s somewhat unbalanced and could be better still, so will see how I do. Loving the Life Circle plan so far 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    Gosh, you have had some dramas recently with your dog, I am sorry to hear about that.

    Sounds like you are getting back on track and that things are improving all around. I look forward to reading your next post and thanks for joining in.

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  6. batgirlsteph says:

    Wow what a fantastic idea, I’ll have a look at it too. Not sure I’ll be brave enough to post up on here though – my finances are totally shot to hell & I’ve been burying my head in the sand for far too long. Oddly enough though for exactly the same reason as you though – all Tags spine operations from last year absoloutly destroyed me financially…but they’re worth it :o)

    • Jay says:

      Go for it Steph 🙂 You don’t have to actually post it if you don’t want to. Or I’ve noticed some people posted their Wheel of Life, but have not posted this week’s etc. Just share as much or as little as you wanted to. I was going to keep mine private when I first wrote the Wheel of Life, but then I had an “Oh, what the hell” moment. Cath, Chelle, Stacey, Kirsty & I have all been sharing money saving tips on twitter, so feel free to join in 🙂

      And yes, our little tykes are well worth it eh? Notice “rehome Max” wasn’t even *on* my options list! On that day, Satan will be driving to work on a snow plough 😀

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