Listography – Top 5 Photos of 2011

I love this week’s Listography!  Narrowing it down to 5 photos is a lot trickier than it sounds, but reflecting on some of the wonderful moments of 2011 has got to be a good way to end the year!

5.  I’ve been friends with Jakke for years now, but it wasn’t until I visited Helsinki earlier this year that I was actually able to meet him – definitely a highlight of the trip.

4. As they live in Dundee, I don’t get to see these gorgeous ladies anywhere near enough.


My lovely friend Stacey’s Wicked Hen Do – a day out in London including ice-cream at Harrods, afternoon tea at the Dorchester and Wicked was one of the best days of 2011.  The random interloper on the right of this photo still makes me smile.

2.I have so many amazing photos of my Uganda Project that it’s literally impossible to chose a favourite, but I’ve settled on this one.  It shows me playing rather than working, but it shows the gorgeous smiles of the children we saw, and captures the fun we and they had playing.

1. I do have a photo of me, Mum & Dad in front of this church, but as so often happens when you hand your camera to a random stranger, the framing is utterly appalling and it drives me to distraction!  This is the Church on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg, and is easily the most beautiful building I have ever seen.


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14 Responses to Listography – Top 5 Photos of 2011

  1. What an eclectic mix! That church is indeed stunning. Happy new year x

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  3. Rebecca says:

    Looks like you’ve had a well travelled exciting 2011. Hope 2012 is the same! Happy new year!

  4. bubbablue says:

    Lovely mix. The bubbles in Uganda photo is beautifully happy

  5. mummasays says:

    I love the bubble photo in Uganda – beautiful!

  6. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Looks like a year well lived. Here’s to 2012!

  7. I love the bubbles in Uganda one! Happy 2012!

  8. Love the Russian Orthodox church! Very impressive.

  9. Kelly says:

    Wow, what an exciting an adventurous year. The church is stunning, almost doesn’t look real!

  10. pinkoddy says:

    LOL the hen picture made me chuckle – she’s even looking at the camera isn’t she.
    Happy 2012 to you.

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