Inappropriate festive decorations

Now I know we’re in the grip of “economic crisis” just now, and it would be churlish to expect holiday decorations to be particularly high up a council’s priority list.  Perhaps the current fixation with political correctness has scared councils away from traditional decorations, or perhaps I’m simply woefully behind the times, because it appears that creepy, squinty-eyed penguins (thrust at haphazard intervals into tree branches) are the epitome of festive cheer.

Unfortunately, the faintly psychotic looking birds were not the worst aspect of the display.  Right in front of the Santa’s Grotto, in prime position for viewing by impressionable minds was a small elf.  Combining the slightly, errr, strained expression with the repetitive hand gesture….well….it’s unfortunate at best really isn’t it?

Festive perverts.  What will they think of next.

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One Response to Inappropriate festive decorations

  1. Hahaha, he seems a happy little chap at least! As you would be, I guess.

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