Uganda Project – The Background

Did you know that 670 million people (10% of the world’s population) are visually impaired simply because they don’t have spectacles?

As an Optometrist,  I derive great satisfaction from giving my patients the best vision I can achieve.  The thought of millions of people being unable to earn a living and feed themselves simply due to a lack of spectacles doesn’t sit well with me, and so I became a member and volunteer for Vision Aid Overseas.

Vision Aid Overseas is an international charity which strives for a world in which everyone has access to eye care.    

Vision Aid Overseas run a number of different types of projects to underprivileged countries.  They set up Vision Centres, provide equipment and train healthcare workers to give eye examinations, and send teams of volunteers to give eye examinations and distribute spectacles.

6 weeks ago, following months of fundraising, I stood in a Heathrow terminal with my team mates waiting to embark on a 2 week project to give eye examinations to school children in Uganda.

Since so many of you wonderful people contributed to this fabulous cause, I plan to regale you with excerpts from my project diary to give you an insight into these valuable projects, life in Uganda, and help you see where your money went!  Hopefully I’ll manage to do all this without boring you too much!


£5 enables VAO to provide an eye examination and pair of specs

£10 provides raw materials to make 3 pairs of spectacles at a VAO Vision Centre abroad

£22 provides a day’s training for an eye care worker who will provide sustainable eye care

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