Review: Dairy-free Chocolate Advent Calendar by Celtic Chocolates

Happy Advent Calendar Day!

And it’s especially happy this year because I have stumbled across a dairy-free chocolate advent calendar!  The lovely people at Celtic Chocolates have made a cute calendar filled with chocolate squares which are not only dairy free, but wheat, gluten and egg free, to hopefully satisfy any special dietary requirements.

Jay’s Insights

I was so excited about finding this advent calendar, both because I continue to maintain that you’re never too old for an advent calendar, and because dairy-free chocolate is, for me, the gold at the end of the rainbow.  I have a tragic addiction to Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons (the gorgeous little beasts are *always* worth being ill for!) and if I could simply find a delicious alternative (ideally calorie free!) I’d be like a pig in mud.

Prising open door number 1 I discovered a chocolate square with a festive shape on the front.  Amazingly, the “chocolate” actually tastes very much like chocolate!!  It’s not quite the same as Cadbury’s or the more well known brands, but it reminds me very much of the chocolate penny sweets that you can get in pic n mix – anyone remember chocolate tools?  Just like those!

To add to my glee, I discovered something that many chocolate advent calendars neglect – there was a little festive picture underneath the chocolate *as well*.  My verdict?  I *love* it!

This is an unsponsored post – I spotted this little gem in the Free From aisle as Sainsburys and felt dutybound to bring it to other dairy intolerants’ attention!  I have also since seen them in the seasonal aisle of Waitrose. 

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