Listography – Cartoons from your youth

I am loving this week’s Listography!  It sent me spiralling happily down memory lane.  I don’t recall watching that much TV in my youth, preferring to be buried in a Famous Five book, but I had a job wittling the list down to my top 5.

5.  Bagpuss

Bagpuss!  I remember next to nothing about Bagpuss, but I know I watched him with great enjoyment.  “Yaaaaawn” said Bagpuss.  And weren’t there some creepy looking mice who lived on a shelf?  How the hell did they get up there to make their perfectly round hole anyways?

4. Roadrunner

Meep Meep!  I loved this guy, and he seemed to be rarely featured in Loony Tunes.  I bet he got bumped for that Tweety Pie, who even at a young age I found so irritating that I’d secretly pray that Sylvester would emerge victorious and eat the irksome little bugger.

3.  Button Moon

We’ve beeeeeen to Button Moon!  We followed Mr Spoon, Button Moooooon!  God I was easy to please.

2.  Thundercats

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunderCATS! Ho!  Thundercats are still the uberest cartoon.

1.  Tom & Jerry

It can’t be anything other than Tom & Jerry.  I remember when I was recuperating at home after surgery when I was 5, my Mum had made me an entire video tape (God that’s ageing.  I bet it was bloody betamax too, not even VHS) of back to back Tom & Jerry cartoons.  I love them to this day.


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11 Responses to Listography – Cartoons from your youth

  1. Val Sawdy says:

    What about “A cup of arsenic, a spider, some glue-ooo” ?!!

  2. OhHiVagina! says:

    Lion-O is so sexy… In a way that I cannot explain without coming off like someone who is into Beastiality. But he has got to be the only male that I will except shout ‘Ho!!!!!’ in my presence ^_^

  3. Cath says:

    I’d agree with most of those, but I’d probably drop thundercats in favour of a programme that practically no-one remembers: The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It was all Aztecs and eagles and stuff, and I loved it. Only trouble was that it was on the same day as my swimming lesson, and every week I missed the last 5 minutes of it, in order to get to swimming on time. I’m sure that part of the reason why I gave up swimming lessons :-/

  4. indreamworld says:

    Ooh, great list! I used to love Bagpuss too. The little mice and the talking bird (think it was an owl?) called Professor Yaffle! Old and saggy but Emily loved him. Aww 🙂

  5. LagosMum says:

    Can’t believe I forgot about RoadRunner… *beep beep* 🙂
    Tom and Jerry on my list too… I still watch it – but it has to be the old episodes – can’t be doing with any of the new ones – they’re rubbish!

  6. The Rambling Pages says:

    What a great list, all favourites as a child and I can’t beleive I forgot some of them – mind you my list would of been even harder if I had remembered them all!

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