Review: Look what we found! ready meals – wheat, gluten & dairy-free

I have been lactose intolerant for a few years now, and arguably the most tedious thing about it is that I end up preparing every single meal from scratch, including finding time to cook a lunch to take to work in amongst all the other getting-ready-for-work mayhem.  Gone are the days were I could have a lazy day and nip to a store in my lunchbreak or just sling a comforting ready-meal in my bag for a winterwarming lunch…..or so I thought!

Look what we found! use only sustainable, 100% natural ingredients to make their delicious ready-meals, and in addition to their soups, sauces and ready-meals, they have a special selection of ready meals for special diets, including gluten, wheat and dairy-free options.  All the ingredients are sourced from carefully chosen small regional British farmers ensuring delicious meals whilst supporting the rural community.

As someone who undergoes a never-ending battle with an overfull freezer (which still seems to have nothing that I want for dinner in it) but lacks the dicipline to eat things in the fridge before their sell-by date, the thing that really puts the cherry on top for me?  The raw ingredients are sealed in a foil pouch and steamed, which locks in the flavours, and means the meals keep for up to 12 months (assuming you can resist them that long!) without needing refrigeration!!  It’s a lactose-intolerant’s dream come true.  I can keep a few meals in stock in the cupboard for one of those “sod it, I’m not cooking!” nights, and *still* enjoy a delicious dinner.  All meals microwave within a couple of minutes, or can be boiled in the bag.

 Jay’s Insights

 Chunky Chilli Beef with Kidney Beans and Peppers (Gluten, wheat & dairy-free):

There was a generous helping of suitably chunky pieces of beef, which was very tender, and accompanied by plenty of nice tasty sauce.

 Thai Chicken Curry with Brown Basmati Rice (Gluten, wheat & dairy-free):

I adore Chinese food, so this was the meal I was most looking forward to, and it smelt deliciously authentic.  The curry had a nice heat to it (I’d call it medium, but don’t shoot me if you disagree!), but was a little too fragrant for my palate, and having already marvelled at the tenderness of the beef, I found the chicken slightly dry.

 Chicken & Pork Pepperpot (Gluten, wheat & dairy-free):

I had expected the sauce to this Caribbean-inspired casserole to be creamy with peppery overtones, but it was actually a tomatoey base which was nicely peppery, with some chilli giving it a pleasant tingle.  Once again there was plenty of delicious sauce, and the addition of potato (which for some reason I never expect in a casserole) was a great compliment to the other flavours.

Beef & Basil Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (Gluten & lactose-free):

Unexpectedly (having tried meatballs before and found them merely pleasant) this turned out to be my absolute favourite of the bunch.  At the top of the post-it poised beside my plate to receive my comments, I wrote simply “YUM!”.  The meat was absolutely delicious and nicely herby, and the accompanying sauce was both lovely and thick, and extremely tasty.  This one is going top of my grocery list!

 To read more about Look What We Found! and view the entire range of soups, sauces, ready meals and meals for special diets visit their website at where you can even place an order to be delivered to your doorstep!

 Disclaimer: This is a supported post, in that I was sent samples to try, but the opinions given are, as always, entirely my own. 

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3 Responses to Review: Look what we found! ready meals – wheat, gluten & dairy-free

  1. Dawn says:

    where do you buy these??

    • Jay says:

      If you follow the link in the article you can see the whole range and buy online. I have seen a very limited range in Sainsburys (they appear to be increasing it, so they’re obviously popular!) – I haven’t tried other supermarkets though Dawn. In Sainsburys they’re in the cooking sauces aisle, not the free-from section, so worth checking both places.

  2. Thanks – after spending hours trawling the net I found this! Definitely worth a try. I can eat butter so it takes a lot of hunting through dairy free to find things that just don’t have milk and cheese. I am also mostly gluten free but just find I am fine with sourdough bread. At the moment I am so allergic to raw veg and fruit that I can’t even prepare them so my husband has to do all the cooking. I have just longed to find a way to take the pressure off him.

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