Kirsty’s Crafty Charity Calendar Challenge to Celebrate World OT Day

My lovely friend Kirsty is an Occupational Therapist, and to celebrate World OT Day she has set her blog readers a challenge of creating an ATC which celebrates Occupational Therapy.

Whilst I have been turning my hand to homemade Christmas cards for years, I’ve never made an ATC before, and indeed had never even heard of them until another lovely friend Cath blogged about ATCs in her fabulous crafty blog.  In a nutshell, ATCs are Artist Trading Cards, and do exactly what they say on the tin.  The artist (I use this phrase *very* loosely when including myself!) creates a card measuring 2.5×3.5″ using any crafting medium they fancy, and the completed articles are then swapped with other artists, thus giving you new inspiration.

I had thus far resisted the temptation to start ATCing as I could see this would be a slippery slope into another crafting addiction, and I already need absolutely *no* encouragement to go buckwild buying crafting materials which I will shortly afterwards forget about until  I unearth them from the depths of my crafting junkyard stores some months later.

However both Kirsty and Occupational Therapy are exceedingly worthy causes, so I duly put my thinking cap on to come up with some ideas, which was actually easier said than done.  Occupational Therapists work with individuals to help them overcome obstacles such as illness or disability so they can continue to enjoy their occupations – be they work, home or hobby related.  Obviously that covers a vast spectrum, and I was quite nervous about doing it justice.  I brainstormed, and ended up producing 2 different ATCs (the addiction has started!! Curses!).

Voila, my first ever attempt at an ATC.  I was slightly hindered by time, and had to make do with small gems, but hopefully it’s apparent that they’re meant to be forming a cattlepiddlar on a leaf, duly reaching his full potential as the beautiful butterfly.

The second ATC is much simpler, and evolved as a result of brainstorming words I would associate with OT.  It doesn’t sparkle *quite* as much as I’d hoped my silver pen would achieve, but the overall message should be LIVE LIFE.  I’m quite pleased with my little shooting stars.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Kirsty’s Crafty Charity Calendar Challenge to Celebrate World OT Day and enter!

(Disclaimer. Cattlepiddlar is not an autocorrect.  I find it far more entertaining than the correct word.  Like Squizzels.  Little things, an’ all that…)

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7 Responses to Kirsty’s Crafty Charity Calendar Challenge to Celebrate World OT Day

  1. kirstyes says:

    Excellent job Miss – especially with such little time. Sorry about the new addiction.
    I could totally tell it was a cattlepiddlar (also tee hee for this).
    Hope some more people are inspired by your entries.


  2. Cath says:

    Fab fab fab!!! Yes, I could tell it was a carter pillar (er, that *was* autocorrect!), and both your ATCs are awesome! Xxx

  3. They are both great. I really love the first one. Beautiful

  4. clissa89 says:

    These are really beautiful and I love the message/symbolism!!!

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