Review: glennans Vegetable Crisps

One of my (many) irksome food intolerances is potatoes, meaning I generally abstain from crisps and as a result often struggle to find a snack when I fancy something savoury.  Chomping on vegetables is far too like punishment food to my mind…..or so I thought!

 glennans is a family run award winning vegetable crisp company who are about to become the first company to launch a multipack of hand cooked vegetable crisps.  I was sent a multipack to try, which contained 3 x 27g bags of Vegetable Crisps, 2 x Parsnip Crisps and 1 x Beetroot Crisps and has an rsp of £2.99.

 The crisps are gluten free, high in fibre, vegetarian friendly and completely free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  At less than 135 calories per bag, these not only constitute a nice healthy snack, but would count towards your 5 a day!  I love guilt-free snacking, don’t you?

 Jay’s Insights

 Parsnip Crisps:

The parsnip crisps were slightly drier than conventional potato crisps, which made them much less greasy, and therefore healthier.  The sweetness of the parsnip was perfectly complimented by the light pepper flavour.

 Beetroot Crisps:

The beetroot crisps had quite an unusual flavour which I found very pleasant in small quantities, although I probably would not want a whole packet of them.  They’d be ideal as something a little different to put out as a snack for guests, or perhaps to combine with dips.

 Vegetable Crisps:

These were my absolute favourites, and I would love to see glennans introduce a multipack of 6 packs of the vegetable crisps.  Containing parsnip, sweet potato, carrot and beetroot crisps, all seasoned with sea salt, there was a fabulous mix of flavours that you never come across in your standard bag of crisps.  I’d say they’d also make an ideal snack for guests, but then I’d have to share!

 You can read more about glennans products on their website,, or follow them on facebook or twitter, where they have been known to have the odd giveaway!


Disclaimer: This is a supported post in that I was sent a multipack to try, but the opinions given are, as always, entirely my own. 

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