The Groovy Food Company’s wheat, gluten & dairy free cereals

I recently reviewed Agave Nectar, a low GI natural alternative to nasty chemically artificial sweeteners.  The lovely Dorset-based Groovy Food Company also sent me 4 boxes of cereal to try.  All 4 cereals are a good source of fibre, low in fat, AND free of gluten, wheat and dairy!  Doesn’t that sound like it ticks every box?!  The proof of the cereal however, is in the eating.

 Jay’s Insights

 It’s been literally years since I ate cereals.  Since developing my dairy intolerance I have had porridge oats heated with water every morning, so I was really looking forward to potentially acquiring some new options.

 Corn Flakes:

Granted I’m relying on my memory banks here, but to me, these tasted just the same as “proper” corn flakes, which is exactly what I want from my dairy-free options:  I want to feel like I’m still eating the same foods as I always have.  The flakes were tasty with a nice crunch to them.  The box states that the flakes are sweetened with Agave Nectar.  Having a horribly sweet tooth, I must confess I prefer my cereal sweeter, but that is of course personal taste and easily remedied by topping with Nectar.

 Frosted Flakes:

It seems my wish was the Groovy Food Company’s command!  Frosted Flakes are corn flakes with a greater proportion of Agave Nectar, but unlike most frosted cereals which are too sugary for me (hadn’t expected that to be possible!), the sweetness was just right for my palate.  Since Nectar is a low GI sugar, you won’t get the sugar high then crash that conventional sugars give, and which you definitely don’t want from your brekkie.

 Special Flakes:

Special Flakes are toasted flakes of rice (85%) and maize (8%), again with a smidge of Agave to sweeten.  Whilst it had a fabulous crunch, I found the taste a teensy bit bland, making it my least favourite of the 4 cereals.  I think it would be a lovely breakfast with a sprinkling of raisins.

 Choco Crispies:

I am guilty of saving the best for last.  Something chocolatey yet dairy-free is probably the mecca of most dairy intolerants, and having a tragic addiction to Giant Chocolate Buttons, I tore into this box with great glee, and I’m delighted to say it did not disappoint.  The puffed rice grains are chocolatified with cocoa powder, and sweetened with Agave again, for a result that is just the right sweetness, has a nice crunch, and is deliciously chocolatey.  Thank you Groovy Food Company!

 To read more about the Groovy Food Company’s products, take a look at their website, where you can find wheat/dairy/gluten-free recipes and check for stockists or buy even online.

Disclaimer: This is a supported post, in that I was sent the cereals to try, but the opinions given are, as always, entirely my own. 


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2 Responses to The Groovy Food Company’s wheat, gluten & dairy free cereals

  1. pat says:

    hi my name is pat from south australia, saw your website looked at the pictures of the
    breakfast cereals sounds like the cereals i am looking for, I need cereals that are wheat
    glutin and dairy free and nut free and artificial sweetener free with no apple juice, yours sounds
    great but I live in south australia, i dont suppose you deliver to the other side of the world
    do you probabby not.

    • Jay says:

      I’m not sure on that Pat, I don’t work for them, I was just asked to write an independent review of their product. If you try their website I’m sure you’ll be able to contact them 🙂

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