Monthly Milestones

Didn’t September fly by?  It’s time for another Monthly Milestones, and if you recall at the end of August I had just 2 milestone wishes: to see my little dog come home from the veterinary specialists, and to see my lovely friend Stacey get married.

 1. Max is home!!!

 On Thursday 22nd September, my beloved Westie Max *finally* came home after over 3 weeks in intensive care following emergency spinal surgery for a herniated disc.  Even after a second surgery Max was paralysed in his back legs, and I was told that he wouldn’t regain any sensation, and that my options were getting him wheels, or euthanasia.  Since he came home I’ve continued a rigorous routine of physiotherapy 3x per day and hydrotherapy 1x per day, and we were rewarded at our appointment with the physiotherapist yesterday when she reported that he has slight movement in both legs!  It’s only very slight movement in his thighs, and we have a long road ahead of us, but this is FAR better news that I ever expected.  I’m still high as a kite!

 2. The Wedding.

 My gorgeous friend Stacey got married on 3rd September, and what a beautiful bride she made.  We had the most wonderful day at Upton House with a disco in the evening at which I actually managed to sing Karaoke (accompanied by my lovely friends)!!!  Sober!!  If you’ve read my Karaoke Meme post you’ll appreciate what a milestone this is!  Much to my delight, there are some utterly stunning photos that captured this great day.

 3. Uganda Project.

 The date for my trip to Uganda to give the gift of sight with Vision Aid Overseas is drawing ever nearer, and it’s all starting to feel a bit real *gulp*.  This month I have:

  • Held a bake sale in a busy shopping precinct
  • Applied for and received my Visa *Squeee!*
  • Finished all my jabs (thank God!)

 My pipedream of a fundraising target of £750 has not only been met, but EXCEEDED, with the total currently standing at £940!!!  THANK YOU so much too all those who have supported me in this worthy cause.  I can’t wait to bombard you all with photos and stories once I’m back home!

4. Crafting

This month I managed several crafting firsts:

  • I made anniversary cards for my friends Michelle and Cath who celebrated their 10th and 6th anniversaries respectively, and managed to make me feel ancient in the process!
  • I made my first ever Wedding card for Stacey.
  • I completed my first ever cross stitch sampler as part of my wedding present to the new Mr and Mrs.  I have started teeny cross stitch samplers before and given up long before even getting far enough to tell what it’s going to be, so I was particularly proud to actually finish one.  I even managed to make a border for it using the same ribbon as Stacey used on the invitations.


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5 Responses to Monthly Milestones

  1. Wow, a busy & eventful September!

  2. Cath says:

    Love the cross-stitch- well done!

  3. Phenomenal! So glad to hear about your puppy, he’s so lucky to have such a loving mummy.
    Also, thanks for sharing the pic of Stacey’s wedding, I’ve been dying to see some. Great job on your fundraising, you have really worked hard.

    And btw, I love your haircolor!

  4. Stacey says:

    Wow, a memorable month gone and a very exciting one to come!!

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