Review: Scruffy Chops Natural Mineral Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

 I’ve posted on the trials and tribulations suffered by dog owners at their furry friend’s bath time, but tsunami hit bathrooms aren’t the only perils we face in such a task.  A problem Max and I have been beset with since his puppy days, is his sensitive skin.

 Max has Atopic Dermatitis – a condition much like human eczema – which results in itchy, inflamed patches of skin which drive the poor wee lad to distraction.  Even baby shampoo aggravates it, and I have been forced to give him weekly baths in a medicated shampoo, Malaseb, for years.  Malaseb is thick, doesn’t lather well, needs 10 minutes on the skin to work, and frankly doesn’t seem to get him that clean either, so when I was asked to review Scruffy Chops Natural Mineral Shampoo, which claims to be suitable for sensitive skins, I leapt at the chance.  Scruffy Chops is cruelty free (tested on humans before going near a dog!), certified organic (98% natural ingredients) and contains allergen-free fragrances.

When I received my sample of Rhubarking Mad Shampoo and Muddy Marvellous Conditioner I felt somewhat guilty.  I wash my own hair daily, and would never dream of omitting conditioner – without it my scalp feels dry, itchy and sore – and yet it had never occurred to me to condition Max.

Rhubarking Mad Shampoo is rhubarb and custard flavour, and this, I must own, I eyed with some reservations.  My little man is a bit….well….camp.  Taking him out onto the recreation ground reeking like a sweet store would inevitably result in him being beaten up by the class bully.  At best I’d be leading him home, his street cred in tatters, with the wedgie of the century and his lunch money stolen.

(If rhubarb and custard does not tempt your nostrils, try Scruffy Chops Sugar Doggy Shampoo with a sweet caramel-y sugar aroma, or Zest In Show Shampoo with a pink grapefruit aroma.)

 This fear turned out to be unrealised.  Whilst a strong aroma of sweeties did billow forth during bathing, once Max was dry he simply smelled pleasantly clean, and we were able to go out with his masculinity intact.  The Scruffy Chops pouch-style packaging is both environmentally friendly, results in less wasted shampoo and, crucially, is easy to use whilst wet-handed and trying to grip a shivering animal with the other hand.  The shampoo lathers up nicely, and left Max absolutely pearly white, whilst the conditioner has a pleasant, mild coconut smell, and left both his fur and skin undeniably softer.  With an RRP of £6.99 for 250ml of shampoo, it’s dramatically cheaper than the £30+ I fork out for a bottle of Malaseb too!

 After 2 weeks of use Max’s skin was still beautifully clear.  After a third week he seemed perhaps ever so slightly more itchy, however he has frequent flare ups even with a strict Malaseb regimen, and since just one baby shampoo wash will have him scratching like a fleabag I’m convinced he’d have been itchy well before 3 weeks if Scruffy Chops were the culprit.

 The verdict?  An enthusiastic paws up.  Our regimen from now on will be Scruffy Chops regularly, with Malaseb playing as substitute during flare-ups.

 The downside?  I could murder some rhubarb & custards.

You can read more about Scruffy Chops, place orders, or enter to win year’s supply of Scruffy Chops by visiting their website:

 Disclaimer:  This is a supported post, in that I was sent a sample to review, but the opinions given are entirely my own. 

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