Monthly Milestones

This has been a roller coaster month with the highest highs and the lowest low of the year thus far (my beloved dog Max is currently in hopital following emergency spinal surgery for a herniated disc, and has not yet regained the ability to walk) so it will do me good to join in the with the Monthly Milestones Meme and reflect on some of the fabulous achievements and the three (THREE!) items I’ve crossed off my Bucket List in August.

1.The Holiday!

In a spectacular Buy-one-get-one-free, this crossed two items off my Bucket List in one fell swoop!  My Father had a special birthday this year, and had once said to me that he had always wanted to go to St Petersburg.  Mum and I looked into a city break to St P, but it was way out of our league price wise, so we had given up on it until we stumbled across an advert for a Baltic Cruise which included 2 days in St Petersburg.  We stopped at Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden!  It was an absolutely *amazing* holiday, which I intend to post on in more detail when life gets a little less hectic.

2. The Wicked Hen-Do!

My gorgeous friend Stacey is getting married THIS SATURDAY!!!! (*Squeeeee!*).  Her hen-do was the very day that I docked back in Tilbury from the Cruise, and I duly shot off the boat (I had planted myself firmly right next to the disembarkation point and waited an hour for the ship to be given permisson to disembark!), hopped onto a coach and joined the party in London where we had an utterly fantastical day, largely down to the organisational marvel that is Kirsty, Bridesmaid of the Decade.

I’m sure Stacey will regail you with the finer details of this great event, and I shall add a little tantalisation by telling you that afternoon tea and Wicked were involved.  A definite day to remember.  (I have left in the random interloper on the far right, for her comedy value!)

3. Uganda Project

Vacation time left only two weeks in August to concentrate on my Uganda Project, however I’ve still managed a few achievements:

  • Fundraising total is currently just over £500!!!  I have a pipedream of hitting £750, which YOU can help me achieve by heading here.  Just £5 enables provision of an eye examination and spectacles
  • I held a Coffee Morning in Dorchester
  • 2 more vaccinations are ticked off my list (*wince* 3 to go)
  • Over the bank holiday weekend I travelled to Eastbourne and met my Team Leader and 2 members of my team!  It’s going to be one amazing project!
  • I have just done some baking for my next fundraising event on Friday 2nd September in Poole Dolphin Centre (post with more details going up tomorrow!)

4. French A-Level

I received the results from my French A-Level exams.  I was surprised to find myself quite disappointed even though I achieved the grade that I’d actually been hoping for since last summer.

Last August I was shocked and thrilled to have gotten an A in French AS-Level and dared to hope I might manage the same for the A Level this year.  I got an A in the oral, and a B in the written, which gave me my desired A overall, yet I couldn’t help being annoyed at myself for not having studied hard enough to get the A in the written also.  Amusingly enough I found myself to be rather indignant when my French teacher also professed herself to be disappointed.  Thankfully being contrary is a female prerogative 😉


I’ll settle for just two Milestones next month please.  I want to bring my little man home and have him recovering well, and I want to watch the gorgeous Stacey have her perfect Wedding day.


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4 Responses to Monthly Milestones

  1. Kirsty says:

    I love that photo from the hen do and thank you for your kind remarks about my organisation (not quite organised enough to not take the picture by the entrance to the loo)!

    So glad you had a fab cruise, look forward to hearing more about it.

    You really shouldn’t be disappointed in the French, from what you said the written exam sounded like a pig. Can’t believe your teacher said she was disappointed. She meant disappointed for you, right??

    I shall pop along to your stall on Friday and deposit my contribution to your Uganda trip.

    Finally and most importantly sending you massive hugs and Max get well soon vibes.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks hun!

      Hope you managed to relax and enjoy the hen-day as much as we did.

      My teachers email was “I am disappointed with the B in the writing. Do you want to ask for the copy?”. I had to smile at the irony of me then feeling indignant and wanting to defend my B, when I’d been sulking about it the day before! Ah well, an A is not too shabby 😉

      Friendly faces at my stall *very* welcome. I am getting nervous about it now!

  2. Hen-do in front of a church….. hmmmm, hahaha

    Your holiday sounds phenomenal! And well down on your results. Hope to get some good news soon on your little puppy 🙂

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