Monthly Milestones

This month has literally flown by in a flash of excited *Squee*ing, arranging, planning, fundraising and general bouncing off the walls with barely contained glee.  Here’s why:

 1. Uganda Project

 In October I will be spending 2 weeks in Uganda working with Vision Aid Overseas giving eye examinations and distributing specs.  Both professionally and personally this will be the most incredible and humbling experience and I’m beyond ridiculously excited.  Thanks to the generosity of family, friends and patients I’ve already managed to raise £300 towards this fabulous project.  Nearly all this month’s milestones are Uganda related and include:

  • Setting up a JustGiving webpage
  • Holding a coffee morning at work (my baking skills are much better than I thought!)
  • Getting a mention on the local radio!
  • Creating a “Guess the number of sweets in the jar” competition (yes, I did lose count and have to start over :/)
  • Planning a coffee morning in August
  • Acquiring a stand within Poole Dolphin Centre to sell more baked delights (2nd September)
  • Arranging a raffle with a prize of £100 to spend at Harrold Opticians (Poole)
  • Selling handmade cards
  • Being offered some gorgeous ZenithJade jewellery to auction on my blog – due in August!
  • Guest blogging at the fabulous It takes a Woman
  • Ticking off my first 2 jabs.  Just another 8 to go *wince*

 All fundraising efforts, and of course a full report on the project will be posted here, so watch this space!

 2.  Reviewing

 I’m quite excited to have been asked to review several dairy-free products on my blog.  I have a horribly limited diet thanks to my lactose-intolerance (when I’m not lead astray by Giant Chocolate Buttons that is *ahem*) and I am seriously looking forward to expanding my food horizons.


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2 Responses to Monthly Milestones

  1. What do you mean I’m making you look bad!? Look at all the incredible things you are doing for other people!! That’s truly selfless and I admire you so much for it.

    That’s awesome about the reviews, did they seek you out or did you seek them out?

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Sarah. Nowhere near as long as your impressive list, but it’s kept me busy 🙂

      I registered with Response Source just a few days ago and have already been contacted by quite a few PRs about reviewing products. I’ve already received my first product – a dog shampoo for sensitive skin to try out on my little furry fella!

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