Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

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8 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. Oooo! Need to know where it is! Great shot!

    • Jay says:

      Thank you! It’s Bournemouth pier taken from the Bournemouth Eye – a hot air balloon. I’ve lived in Bournemouth for years and yesterday was the first time I’d ever been up in the balloon 🙂

  2. Cath says:

    Haha, I was just about to say – where the hell were you – a hot air balloon? – but it appears you were!! Great pic.

  3. Carolin says:

    That’s stunning. *puts Bournemouth on to-visit list*

  4. Oh wow! What a great angle, it really gives a better sense of the area. I love being able to look behind that ring of buildings towards the front. And the sea is a lovely contrast to the bustling town.

  5. Stacey says:

    Why didn’t you say! I would’ve gone *pouts*

    • Jay says:

      It was a spur of the moment thing. Mum bought me vouchers for it last year, and it was a sudden “hey, the weather’s actually good enough, let’s go before they expire”.

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