Friday Five: Favourites

1. Favourite Cuisine

I *adore* Chinese food, a fact that has long since become a standing joke on my facebook page.  In point of fact, I am typing this whilst whiling away the last few minutes until I am collected for an evening at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.  Just roll me home after?

2. Favourite Vacation

A three week road trip around New Zealand.  Breath-taking scenery and experiences of a lifetime: Sky diving, paragliding, lugeing, whale watching, the list was endless.

3. Favourite Hobby

At the moment it’s crafting.  Specifically crafting greetings cards.  I’m still deciding whether I can psyche myself up to post one or two of them on my blog.  Thus far I have repeatedly bottled out.

4. Favourite Holiday Tradition

On Christmas day my parents arrive at my house at 10ish, we pop some Bucks Fizz and open our prezzies, and then eat the starter course of Christmas lunch as elevenses.

5. Favourite “the-chores-are-done-now-what-shall-I-do”

Curling up in bed with a few sticks of Matchmakers chocolate, and either a good book or some Sky+ TV.  At the moment I’m addicted to Ghost Whisperer.

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5 Responses to Friday Five: Favourites

  1. Kirsty says:

    Mmmmm the Chinese was nice. I ate too much though.
    New Zealand is gorgeous
    You should post your craft cards.
    Mmmmm matchmakers

    And you’ve got to look your Christmas traditions, I think actually that’s got to be the hardest part of relationships having to split those traditions between two families but then at some point I guess you get to make your own.

    Good list

    • Jay says:

      Chinese and eating too much do seem to be an inseparable pair!

      I might psyche myself up to write a post with a couple of my simple cards some time. 🙂

  2. Good choice about a holiday to NZ, thats where I’m from, and since I live in the UK I appreciate it even more!

    • Jay says:

      I adored NZ, and was thoroughly spoiled with a road trip around both islands for just over 3 weeks. Whilst I loved everywhere, I was particularly taken with Kaikoura and its beautiful marine life.

  3. Kat says:

    Thanks for linking up! I love crafting too! Actually I love making cards but I haven’t made a single one since Peanut was born. I gotta get on that!

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