Listography – 5 things I want to do this summer

Organisation being my strong point, this is actually last week’s Listography hosted by Reluctant Housedad who chose the great title of 5 Things I want to do this summer.  Which immediately brought to mind a certain horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer, and had me envisaging waking up to find my shorn locks strewn across my pillow.  Given that a volcano could erupt at the foot of my bed without me stirring, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, but not quite what I’m hoping for!

1. Holidaaaaaaay!!

My Father had a very special birthday this year, and a special birthday requires a special present.  He had once said to me that he’d always wanted to visit St Petersburg but city breaks to St Petersburg are ridiculously beyond my budget.  By miraculous good fortune, Mum and I stumbled across a newspaper ad for a cruise (A CRUISE!! *Squeeeeee!*) to St Petersburg and the Baltics which not only takes in 6 different countries (SIX!! *Squeeeeee!*), but was cheaper than a trip to just St Petersburg!  It’s required a fair bit of purse string tightening, and a consistently sore throat from rapturous squeeeing, but I absolutely can not wait!

2. Fundraising

This summer I will be working my little socks off fundraising for Vision Aid Overseas, a fabulous and under publicised charity that I have written a post about in the past.  I will be posting in more detail about my various plans in the very near future.  Watch this space!

3. Wedding

August will involve a hen do to have tea at the Dorchester and watch Wicked in London, and then on the 3rd September I shall be watching my lovely friend Stacey tie the knot with her OH.  Both events are so eagerly anticipated that I may have to *Squee!* some more!  Having been tantalised with glimpses of Wedding hair, shoes, dress etc, I cannot wait to see the full gorgeous effect, and already know I will need to pack extra kleenex *Sniffle*.

4. Forensic Science

Several months ago, thoroughly underestimating how much studying my French A-Level would take and failing to anticipate the fundraising, I enrolled on a Forensic Science course through the Open University.  Once I get my butt into gear and begrudgingly remove my “woohoo, exams are finished let’s PARTAAAY!” hat and put my studying hat back on, it will be a refreshing change from studying a language, and I have my lovely friend Kirsty taking the same course so I’m sure some study evenings can be planned.  Chinese takeout is good for studying you know.  Vital in fact.  You can’t hope to get a good grade without it.

5.  Physio

I used to have a fabulous routine with my physio and did all the torturous exercises dreamed up by my evil Physioterrorist every day without fail.  I assumed this was the normal course of events until said evil Physioterrorist waxed lyrical about my dedication to an evil student underling (“Dedication” is an evil codeword for idiocy.  “They’ll do any hideous exercises you can dream up for them the mad fools! Muwahahahaha!”).  This year though I’ve had a hideous knee flare up which has not only knocked my dog-walking on the head, but also prevented physio.  I’m now getting days where I could manage physio, but somehow am not managing to get back into a routine with it.  Hopefully this summer I’ll not only get that sorted, but get back to a little walking as well.  Well, once I’ve purchased a cagoul, galoshes, and various other mysterious and unknown weather-beating devices that I vaguely recall reading about in Enid Blyton books.  *Shakes fist at July skies* Knock it off I tell you!!


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2 Responses to Listography – 5 things I want to do this summer

  1. Bev says:

    We took a trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow last year, down the rivers. It was fabulous. St. P is just a fantastic city. I hope you get to spend several days there. As for Wicked…enjoy! I love the show!

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Bev 🙂 We get two full days in St Petersburg, and have two full day trips booked to try and pack as many sights as poss into that time. I’ve yet to see Wicked, so am really looking forward to it.

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