Monthly Milestones

Can you believe it’s already time for another Monthly Milestones Meme?!  June has simply flown by!

1. Race for Life

After numerous months of quietly freaking out about the Race for Life, the day finally dawned last Sunday!  I have a chronic knee condition, and when my dog Max and I managed to walk the 5km Race for Life last year it was both a culmination of 9 months worth of building my knees up to it, and the furthest I had walked in one go in literally years.  I was on a complete high for months, and joyously signed up for the 2011 R4L at the earliest opportunity, only to be struck down by a sudden and inexplicable knee flare up which has dragged on for the last 5 months or so.  By the week before the R4L, I still wasn’t able to do any walking at all without pain, and I can’t readily think of a printable phrase for quite how badly I was freaking out about it!

Sunday came, fog rolled in, knee strapping was applied, and Max and I duly set off at 11am, determined to complete our 5km – preferably without having to resort to the shopping trolley I’d been joking about!  It was a slightly painful enterprise but WE DID IT!!!!  Thank you so so much to all who have sponsored us (my sponsorship page is still open!), those who encouraged us and those who came on the day to cheer us on.

2. French Written Exam

Back in May I took the spoken exam for my French A-Level, this month I had the dubious delight of the written exam.  150 Hair-tearing minutes in which we had to write one discursive essay, one research-based essay (for which you have to memorise quotes on your subjects of choice to use in an essay, the title of which you do not yet know) and one translation.  The exam itself wasn’t as good as if I’d gotten the questions I’d been hoping for, but could certainly have been worse.  I have to wait until the middle of August before I get my results, but I’VE FINISHED!!!!  That’s another item crossed off my Bucket list!


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2 Responses to Monthly Milestones

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  2. Congrats on your exam and the race! Love that picture of you with the wine class and your cute puppy! Lush! xxxx

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