Monthly Milestones

Doesn’t time just fly by?  It’s already time for the second Monthly Milestone Meme, in which the achievements of the month (both large and small) are celebrated.

1. French A-Level Oral exam

Way back in the distant past of Sixth Form, I started French, German and English A-Levels, which was all well and good until a few months in when I decided I wanted to be an Optometrist.  I had to drop English and French A-Levels, and start again the following year taking Biology, Physics, German and AS Maths.  All went swimmingly and I’m now an Optometrist, but I’ve always had a little niggling wish that I could have finished French as well as German.  Following severe knee problems, my philosophy has become “Life is far too short for ‘always wanted to’”, so last year I took French AS through Adult Education, and this year I’ve followed up with the A2.  This month I had the dubious joy of a French oral exam consisting of a debate on genetically modified foods, followed by discussion on world poverty and Fairtrade.  Next month comes the written exam, which I am most emphatically *not*looking forward to, but the satisfaction of crossing something off my Bucket List will be immense.  Which brings me nicely to milestone 2.

2. Bucket List

Bucket List
When my knee condition showed signs of improving 18 months ago, I wrote a list of several things I thought I’d like to do/try/experience after all that time laid up staring at the ceiling, and spent last year enjoying ticking several of those off my list.  Last month I duly expanded that into a fully-fledged Bucket List which I have posted on my blog in the form of a Meme so that others can join in if they wish.  Much like Monthly Milestones, it’s something that gets that positivity flowing, and hopefully helps encourage you to do something about ticking them off.  Feel free to take a look and join in!

3. Crafting

Inspired by my lovely friend Cath’s A-Z blogging challenge which was entirely on crafting, I have recently delved into crafting with a vengeance.  I have been making my own Christmas cards for years, but had never really been organised enough to make birthday cards or anything else.  Since reading her crafty pearls of wisdom I have made several birthday cards for friends, and will probably try my hand at scrapbooking in future.  Here is the creation I was most pleased with – a birthday card for my friend’s daughter.  The cut out 4 is the front page of the card, and the flowery orange paper is actually the inside, and it’s personalised with her name.

4. Weight loss!

Lastly, a teeny tiny achievement, but last week I managed to lose 4lbs, and 1.4% of body fat.  The trouble is, I’m now wrestling with the rising desire to order Chinese takeout to mark the final day of my bank holiday mini-vacation, and pile those 4lbs straight back on again!!


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7 Responses to Monthly Milestones

  1. The bucket list is such a good idea – some fab things on yours that I would love to do too! Well done on doing your French oral – the thought of it fills me with dread :(… And well done on the 4lbs weight loss – fab! xx

  2. sarahnole says:

    Awesome! I can’t imagine having to talk about those things in English let alone French! I took French for 7 years and always dreaded oral exams. Written no problem. Could never think fast enough to speak it well. So, that is very admirable.

    I’ve always admired crafty people. Wish I was more crafty!

    Thanks for participating, another brilliant one!!!!!

  3. By the way, that last comment was me. I have a word press account for one of my uni classes. Haha so, sorry if I confused you!!

  4. Coleen says:


    • Jay says:

      The only exercise I can manage at the moment is my physio, but hopefully my knees will improve enough for me to manage some walking soon. It’s one of my milestone aims for June 🙂

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