Listography: Finals

This week Kate’s Listography is hosted by Reluctant Housedad who has chosen to list Top 5 Finals.  Maudlin as it may seem, I love this list, not least because I’ve recently posted my Bucket List.  I think of it not as a “OMG we’re doooooooomed!” list, but more of a “Life is too short, therefore let’s get out there and get doing whilst we can” celebration.  Here then, are my top 5:

Final Supper

My love for Chinese cuisine is legendary amongst those who know me, and has long since become a standing joke.  I long ago decided that my last meal when I’m on Death Row (If!  If!  I am a paragon of good behaviour!) will be Kung Po Chicken (lightly battered chicken served in a slighty sweet and spicy sauce) from my favourite restaurant The Fountain in Bournemouth.  My local takeout of choice (No 1 Wok since you ask) cooks the most delectable Salt and Pepper chilli Prawns, egg-fried rice, and what the hell, an aromatic duck roll to go with it.  Not as if I need to watch my weight on my last day is it?

Final Destination

Absolute top of my travel list is a Nile Cruise with a visit to Cairo to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

Final Act of Intimacy

Naturally when he realises the end of the world is truly nigh, George Clooney will realise the error of his ways and profess undying devotion.  Naturally.

Final Resting Place

Hmm, that’s a tricky one.  Perhaps have my ashes scattered at Stonehenge.

Final Words

Wow, what a ride

If you loved this week’s Listography, join in with my Bucket List Meme.  You know you want to!!


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4 Responses to Listography: Finals

  1. King Po chicken is a cracking choice. It has been years since I had that. Off to seek out a recipe before the meteorite strikes! Great list. Thanks for doing it.
    Will check out the Bucket List a bit later.

    • Jay says:

      If you find a recipe I’d love to hear how it turned out. Although I think I’d be a ten tonne Tess if I could actually make it myself. Hmm. May need to think this one through!

  2. JoJo Kirtley says:

    oh i love your list george clooney and all x

  3. But George Clooney is secretly in love with MEEEEEEEEE *crosses fingers and closes eyes* ;-D

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