X is for XX vs XY

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.  Or so the book would have us believe.  I think we’ve all had times where it’s not so very hard to believe that men and women come from 2 different planets!

 I remember reading a fascinating and hilarious book entitled “Why men can’t listen and women can’t fold maps” by Allan and Barbara Pease, which explains the science behind the differing skills and communication styles exhibited by the two sexes.

 In the book there is a small multiple choice quiz to determine whether you have a typically male or female brain.  I was amused yet unsurprised with the result that I have a male brain.  Friends have remarked to me in the past that I seem to have a male brain (although I’m guessing my fascination with Irregular Choice footwear is attributable to my second X chromosome!).

When I happened across a Sex ID quiz on the BBC’s website, I had to take it, and having thoroughly enjoyed it, encouraged friends and colleagues to try it too.  A male friend took the quiz and was most aggrieved as he told me “I’m just an average bloke apparently”, to which I replied “Mmmhmm.  So am I!!”.  Somewhat disturbingly, I have yet to encounter anyone, male or female, who is more male than me!

My score, for those who wish to comment/compare/laugh/point etc was 50 Male 🙂  So help me out here people.  How do you score?

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4 Responses to X is for XX vs XY

  1. Cath says:

    Clearly a traditionally female brain is pictured there, did they have a male brain map too? Including the ‘inability to find something despite it being right in front of them gland’ (AKA The ‘man’s look’) and the ‘lack of knowledge of any regularly used household items centre’. 😉

  2. Stacey says:

    I was straight down the middle…

  3. Ric Tedeschi says:

    LOVE the diagram! Especially the accurately shaped “SHOES” receptor! 😀

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