V is for Vision Aid Overseas

What is VAO?

Vision Aid Overseas is a charity organisation which works for a world in which everyone has access to eyecare and spectacles.  Their mission is “to transform access to eyecare services for people in developing countries by establishing Vision Centres, training healthcare workers and utilising the expertise of volunteers to undertake outreach programmes in areas away from existing facilities”.

What do VAO do?

In the most cases VAO aim to set up Vision Care Centres and train up local people tin spectacle prescribing so that the town has sustainable eye care.  In some developing countries this just isn’t possible, in which case teams of volunteers go over to give eye examinations and distribute spectacles.  I have undergone the training and am on the volunteer list and have actually been asked to be part of a team, but unfortunately the trip clashed with my French A-Level exam and so I couldn’t go.

Why is VAO’s work important?

For the sake of an eye examination and a pair of spectacles, millions of people in developing countries are effectively blind.  Without the ability to see clearly, they are unable to work, which means they cannot earn enough to even feed their family.  All for the want of a pair of spectacles, a “luxury” that we so take for granted in this country.

How can I help?

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3 Responses to V is for Vision Aid Overseas

  1. Stacey says:

    What a great idea – people go on about overseas aid but people are willing to work if they are healthy and can see!

  2. You’ve just reminded me to hand in some old frames been meaning to do it for a while but will aim to have done by next week now.
    Well done for volunteering, that would be a great experience to have (and blog about!)

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