T is for Twitter

Until about 2 weeks ago, I was not only a blogging virgin, but a Twitter virgin also.  I had considered joining Twitter in the past, but having found facebook to be something of a time tardis, I was loathe to sign up!  Then a friend told me she has an iPhone app that checks both twitter and facebook at once, and I decided I would “just take a look” (I can hear your sardonic laughter from here!), and if I didn’t like it I would close my account.  Amusingly enough, this was the same logic I used with facebook, and now cannot resist checking my page on an all too regular basis!

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a kind of social network.  When you first join you can set up a few profile details, and decide whether you would like your tweets (broadcasted messages) to be visible publically or privately.  If you chose the public option, anyone who wishes to follow you can do so, and will see all your tweets, along with those of anyone else they happen to be following, when they log into twitter.  If you chose the private option, only people who you have approved will be able to see your tweets.  You can follow as many people as you wish, and can stick to friends and acquaintances, or follow companies and celebrities.

The Verdict

I have to confess that within mere minutes, I was completely and utterly hooked.  Several of my school friends use twitter, one of whom is some 3-4 hours away, and via twitter we have running conversations between the group of us on an extremely regular basis, something that is difficult to achieve via any other medium, particular as three of my friends are Mums to young children.  Phone calls or emails would be all too easily interrupted by small people needing attention, whereas a quick tweet is easily completed.  Tweets are also seen by all of us, so enabling group conversations almost as if we’re all in the same room, and since tweets are limited to 140 characters (unless you use an app which permits longer updates), banter and news are shared that would be considered too trifling for a call or email.  In that way, we all enjoy much closer contact that we had previously.

So what are you waiting for?!  Join the time tardis!

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3 Responses to T is for Twitter

  1. Cath says:

    My fave thing about twitter is definitely being able to keep up with you guys 200 miles away as if we’re just down the road from each other. And getting your advice on what to wear to a wedding by posting twitpics!!

    • Jay says:

      Twitter means it’s like we all live next door to each other. OMG, Twitter has turned the world into Ramsay Street from Neighbours!!!

  2. Oops, sorry for sucking you into a time tardis. But it’s a fun and fab one isn’t it.

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