S is for Sky dive

In my N is for New Zealand post I detailed two of my fabulous experiences black water rafting and tandem parascending.  In one of my more devil-may-care moments, I signed up to a tandem skydive!

When I signed up, I went for the delux I-may-never-be-stupid-enough-to-do-this-again package of a skydive from 12000m (any higher and oxygen is required) , an exit shot, photos of the intrepid traveller plummeting through the air, and a video of said intrepid traveller (hopefully) surviving the experience.

Flying to the jump zone is definitely the worst part.  I was, not to put too fine a point on it, absolutely bricking it!  Certainly up to that point I had never been more nervous in my life, and my tandem partner’s quips about “it all being too much” and him “having a bad feeling about this one” were not appreciated!  Mercifully I did not have to actually pluck up the courage to make the leap of faith.  I was shackled so tightly to my evil-death-wish tandem partner that we had to shuffle on our knees to the door, where, after a photo of my least courageous moment (above), I had to rest my head right back against his shoulder to avoid whiplash.  He simply leaned forwards tipping us out of the plane, and before I knew it I could see the plane slowly disappearing between my feet!

Once out of the plane I have to say that a sky dive is not scary at all (no really!).  Whilst you are probably travelling at a faintly scary rate of notts, you’re so high at this point that there is no sensation of the ground rushing towards you.  The wind is whistling past your ears, but other than that, it is simply a question of enjoying the scenery.  I did my jump at Lake Taupo, which is a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains so it was utterly breathtaking.  My kamikaze partner had to tap me on the head to draw my attention to the cameraman, I was so fixated on the scenery!!

It ws definitely one of the most fabulous experiences of my life, and (now that I have both feet on terra firma) I have to say, go for it!

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4 Responses to S is for Sky dive

  1. Cath says:

    I did my sky dive at Taupo too! I was totally fine in the plane, but the very moment we started falling out the plane I suddenly panicked, and thought ‘what the HELL am I doing?!!’. Luckily that lasted only for a couple of seconds, then I had thd joy of free fall (and attempting to breathe with all that wind rushing into my face), then the long slow gentle float back down to ground once the parachute opened. Plenty of time to take in the awesome scenery, but my word it was cold that day – the first frost I’d seen for about 18 months!

  2. Jay says:

    I did mine in November, so temperature-wise it wasn’t too bad. It had been cloudy all morning and they’d thought we wouldn’t be able to jump, but thankfully the sun came out at just the right time. Definitely an experience to remember!

  3. I had booked to do one in NZ but missed one and the other was cancelled due to weather so I’m taking that as a sign to stay on the ground. Will have to watch the video sometime.

  4. Beverley says:

    How exciting! I am hoping to dive in the not-too-distant future 🙂 Great photos!!

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