Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

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14 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. Stacey says:

    Oh bless him – is this moments before it ended up in his gob??

  2. Sarah @Sarh says:

    hahah awww did he get to taste a bit lol.

  3. MellyBentley says:

    I have a picture in my mind of what the next shot would be 🙂

  4. Jay says:

    *Chuckles* Chocolate can be harmful to dogs, so I had to make a supreme sacrifice and eat it for him. How we suffer for our children…. 😉

  5. Such a cute photo! did the bunny survive? 😉

  6. Ha, how we suffer, this is really one of the Cutest photos ever. How did you get such a perfect shot?

    • Jay says:

      My little model performed perfectly! It was a Sit, Stay, place bunny, and retreat behind camera rapidly. So thrilled with how it came out 🙂

  7. See? EVERYONE loves Lindt!

  8. emvi says:

    Lovely. I like it 

  9. LadyBanana says:

    I love your little dog, if ever I get one it will have to one of these!

  10. pamperedmummy says:

    How cute, shame he can’t eat it!

  11. Very sweet but he would be better off with good boy drops!
    My try is over at

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