J is for Jay

If you’ve read my It’s all about me! post, then I know what you’re thinking.  How narcissistic is this woman?!  This is a post resulting from my friend Kirsty’s A-Z challenge post I is for Identity, in which she challenged readers to post 10 photos which most characterise their sense of self.  Which (neatly I feel) means it’s her fault!  Now I’m not sure I’ll reach 10 (“Thank heavens!!” I hear you cry) but here goes:

1.  Knees

I had tilted kneecaps which rendered me almost bedridden for around 6 years.  To this day it’s quite painful, incredibly limiting, and has most definitely shaped who I am, but in a good way.  I’m an incredibly shy person, but will now push myself out of my comfort zone, and get out there and live life, go to parties where I don’t know a soul, enrol on courses in archery, belly dancing, a French A-Level….  The years of misery are largely responsible for quite how happy I am today.

2.  Wicca

3.  Race for Life

After the afore-mentioned knee problems, walking 5km was (and remains) practically a marathon for me.  It took me 9 painstaking months to build up to 5km, and completing the race remains my proudest achievement.  I hadn’t appreciated how strong (or stubborn!!) I can be until that point.

4. Optometry

I thought I liked and enjoyed my job.  I was wrong.  I recently undertook some tutoring for two colleagues taking a distance learning Dispensing Assistant course, and when I found myself practically bouncing off the walls with excitement when we finally got to the eye examination section of the syllabus I made a surprising discovery: I *love* my job.   It’s the perfect job for me, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.  I was also shocked to discover that I enjoy teaching.

5. Studying

*Takes a deep breath*  I love learning.  Phew, I’ve said it.  I remember, on GCSE results day, scuttling home and writing a list of the subjects I wanted to study for A-Level.  There were 8.  That was longer ago than I care to admit, and yet the list of things I want to know about is growing steadily longer rather than shorter.  Even with unlimited time and funds, I don’t think I’d  run out of things that I want to learn more about.  I like to think of it as having an enquiring mind rather than perpetual noseyness!

I’ll settle for 5 rather than the full 10, partly as I think that’s plenty narcissistic enough, partly as I’m getting to things that are more difficult to photograph, and partly because I have a French essay due!  The perils of being a perpetual student!

If you were to write a post on your sense of self, what would your photos be?

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