H is for House

From the moment I first saw an old episode of House on Sky, I was instantly hooked.  House is a medical drama, starring Hugh Laurie as a diagnostic genius who adores solving puzzles, yet hates dealing with patients.  The program almost plays out more like a criminal drama, where the symptoms are clues, and the criminal happens to be a disease, which House invariably tracks down by astute observations of the case or a throw away comment from a member of his team.

I only really started watching the television after discovering the miracle of Sky+ a couple of years ago, so I’d never seen Hugh Laurie in Black Adder (yes, I’m *that* behind the times!) and unlike some people who say they can’t get used to Hugh’s American accent, I find he sounds odd with an English accent!

House is a sarcastic, narcissistic Vicodin addict, who doesn’t care a whit about political correctness, ettiquette or socially acceptable behaviour.  He deviously weasles out of clinic duties, insults his patients, utters laugh-out-loud one liners, and somehow  manages to be utterly lovable whilst doing it.  Hugh Laurie’s delivery is sheer brilliance.

Whilst there is a standard House “pattern” that many episodes fall into (the diagnosis being incorrect twice, the patient getting better before suddenly deteriorating to the brink of death, before some random throwaway comment causes House to have a flash of diagnostic genius), there are frequently twists, there isn’t always a happy ending (thus avoiding being trite), the banter and relationships between hospital staff are both witty and captivating ,and the ongoing storyline weaving throughout each series draws you in.  It is far from unknown for me  to watch 4 or more episodes in a sitting because I simply “have to” see what happens next.

There are so many hilarious “House-isms” that I can’t possibly even remember all my favourites, much less include them all, but here are a selection to entice you in!

Some classic House-isms:

Cuddy: “Dr. House! Need you here.”
House: “No thanks. Lotta sick people. I might catch something.”

Chase: “We’ve got an MRI scheduled in 20 minutes. Earliest Foreman could get the machine.”
House: “I teach you to lie and cheat and steal…and as soon as my back is turned, you wait in line?”

House: “Idiots are fun, no wonder every village wants one.”

Wilson: “That smugness of yours really is an attractive quality.”
House: “Thank you. It was either that or get my hair highlighted. Smugness is easier to maintain.”

Student: “You’re reading a comic”
House: “And you’re drawing attention to your breasts by wearing a low-cut blouse.”

House: “I am both amused and annoyed that you think I should be less stubborn than you are”

House: “I thought I’d get your theories, mock them, then embrace my own. The usual.”

House: “You guys are thinking like doctors when you should be thinking like plumbers. Come on, I wanna see a buttcrack!”

House: “Very noble gesture. My favorite kind – dramatic, yet completely empty.”

House: “I can be a jerk to people I haven’t slept with. I am THAT good.”

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2 Responses to H is for House

  1. Stacey says:

    I love House too – although I did know Hugh Laurie from his work in the UK< i don't find it strange he's got the accent – I just admire that he is so good at it!!

  2. Yup – I love Hug Laurie in House too (tee hee)

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