G is for Giant Chocolate Buttons

It had to be done!

My addiction to Giant Chocolate Buttons has long since become a standing joke with…well pretty much anyone who knows me to be honest!  My dairy-intolerance adds a beautiful irony – a cruel and usual punishment indeed!  But even with the knowledge that consuming them will make me ill, I still can’t say no to these gorgeous little beauties.

As a small quirk, they have to be eaten in pairs, back to back, like a heaven-sent little flying saucer of chocolatey goodness, and allowed to melt on the tongue.

Edit:  I have no clue why Cadbury bothered with this resealable bag business.  When has anyone *ever* had that much restraint?

What is your ultimate indulgence, and what little quirks do you have?

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6 Responses to G is for Giant Chocolate Buttons

  1. Stacey says:

    I vote with you – eat in pairs, preferably after dunking in a hot cuppa!

  2. Ric Tedeschi says:

    I’ve never tried them …

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